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Dr. Patricija van Oosten-Hawle is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She completed her MSc in Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry at the University of Vienna, Austria, and obtained her PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the VU University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Richard Morimoto at Northwestern University, USA, she investigated organismal proteostasis in C. elegans.


Dr. van Oosten-Hawle is known for her discovery of transcellular chaperone signaling a form of intercellular stress response regulated by the molecular chaperone Hsp90. Her current research is focused on unraveling how organismal stress mechanisms can be harnessed to combat aging processes and age-associated diseases. Dr. van Oosten-Hawle’s work has received recognition and funding from the Wellcome Trust, the Leverhulme Trust, the NC3Rs (UK), and the National Institute on Aging (USA).


In addition to her research, she has organized several conferences, including the FASEB Catalyst Conference on Extracellular Proteostasis, the Midwest Stress Meeting, and the UK Chaperone conferences for which she previously served as their national coordinator. In 2019, she received the Ferruccio Ritossa Early Career Award from Cell Stress Society International for her work on transcellular chaperone signaling. In 2020, she was inducted as a Fellow of Cell Stress Society International.

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